Make Up Bag + your choice of signed book

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Pink Make-up Bag + Signed Book = $35*

Read Below why the price is so high:

Hi Potential Buyer,

Why is the price so God-Awfully high?  Because I once again didn’t think things through.  Sigh.  The cheapest way to send this is UPS, which is $12.21.  I found boxes for $1.11.  That’s why I’m throwing in a book to kind of cover the cost of the shipping.  Make-up bag, $19.99, book, $14.99…. = $34.98, then it covers the cost of the darned shipping.  Mostly I’m giving these away during special little events during signings….  I just wanted to sell in case somebody felt left out.  I guess this is a factor within a factor.


Pink Make-Up Bag, 10”x9”x3.5”  hasremovable/adjustable compartments that allows you to determine how to keep your things organized. 

The outside is waterproof nylon, and the inside is hardcase so it won’t allow your things to be crushed if you’re traveling.

 Possible Uses:

For your make-up or toiletries.
Use this to travel with all of those pesky cords, batteries and chargers.
Use it to keep all of your craft supplies arranged the way you like.
Or store 4 of your favorite 5x9 paperbacks.

Includes: Make-up bag and choice of signed book includes shipping & handling, unless you are outside of the United States.*

**To select your signed book, please use the notes at checkout to let me know which book you want and how you want it signed.**